The CREN centers its work in continuous improvement, a process that elevates equity and centers educator voice. This process puts a focus on identifying a problem, fully understanding the root causes of that problem, and runs small tests to address the causes. The CREN aims to apply system improvements on a small scale, gather data to determine the impact and success prior to spreading and scaling solutions. The CREN's intent is to redesign and transform systems that impact equity, support educators, and encourage career long professional learning. 


2020-2021 Priorities

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Change Idea Tests

Internal Support

Novice educators are partnered with carefully selected, experienced educators within their building.

External Support

Novice Educators are paired with a regional or district mentor. 


Extend orientation on boarding for novice educators new to the district.

Equity Committees

Establish district or school level equity committees that include educators of color.

Equity Training

Ongoing equity training/work addressing cultural bias/affirmation, microaggressions, and racial/cultural identity.

Mentor Support

Internal and external mentors are trained in mentor support practices and involved in ongoing mentor support opportunities.

New Administrator Support

New administrators have mentors or communities of practice that focus on leading for equity and supporting novice educators.

Regional Job-Alike Cohorts

Job alike PLC and affinity groups for educators of color and novice educators .