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More Than A Rainbow: Train the Trainer

Be a resource to develop the skills to facilitate the More Than A Rainbow: 2-Hour Session

More Than A Rainbow: Train the Trainer

More Than A Rainbow - TRAIN THE TRAINER

Facilitated by Coaching Leaders, sponsored by Columbia Regional Educator Network

9 am - 3:30 pm

Prerequisite: Attendance at ONE of the More Than a Rainbow 2 hour sessions. 

Choose from the following opportunities

May 17th - Hood River (funding is available to cover the cost of a sub, should one be necessary) 

June 29th - The Dalles  (Participants will receive a $200 stipend for attending)

The purpose of this training is to provide local organizations often called upon as an LGBTQ2SIA+ resource an opportunity to become certified in facilitating a research-based, best practice focused workshop regarding youth safety and resiliency. 

Coaching Leaders shares their More Than a Rainbow Workshop agenda with participants and helps them grow their facilitation skills and knowledge around research and best practices to introduce educators, counselors, case workers and youth providers to issues concerning LGBTQ2SIA+ youth so they may develop skills to work effectively with all youth in their care. 

This Training of Trainers prepares participants to lead the More Than A Rainbow two hour workshop. The TOT is a 6-hour, live, intensive workshop including opportunities for participants to experience the agenda with a facilitator’s lens and grow their facilitation skills. Each participant will have an opportunity to facilitate pieces of the agenda during the live training. Participants receive a training agenda and materials necessary to facilitate the workshop, as well as a facilitator’s guide. 

Who should attend: Training and youth work experience are highly recommended.

Time Commitment: Prior to attending the TOT participants are expected to have completed the following: 

  • Participate in the 2 hour workshop prior to attending the TOT 

  • Review the workshop agenda and materials

  • Complete facilitator self assessment  

Please reach out to Desirae Bellairs ( or Gabrielle DeLeone ( of the Columbia Regional Educator Network with any questions!

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