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Tribal History Shared History Design and Implementation Projects

Facilitating partnership with Confluence Project to integrate Tribal History Shared History lessons into curriculum.

SB 13, Tribal History Shared History, provides a K-12 Native American curriculum to be included in Oregon public schools. For years the state has been missing a critical opportunity to fully leverage the strengths, assets, and contributions our Native Students bring to their communities. The lack of accurate and complete curricula may contribute to the persistent achievement and opportunity gaps between Native American and other students. Tribal History Shared History creates opportunities for historically accurate, culturally embedded, contemporary, and developmentally appropriate lessons across multiple content areas.

The Columbia REN can support teacher teams, schools, or districts to partner with Confluence Project to identify the best ways to integrate Tribal History Shared History lessons into the fabric of their curriculum. We are prioritizing teams that start small and test ideas that can be spread to other grade levels or content areas for ongoing sustainability.
**Cohort Capacity: 2-3 school or district teams.


Continuous Design Partnership

Josephine Colburn

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