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Columbia REN Leadership Committee


The CREN Leadership Committee is a coordinating body, advisory/decision-making committee of regional stakeholders.

This committee consists of representatives from our region and who's role is to identify regional priorities, allocate funding and other resources to network districts, and coordinate the partnerships between community organizations and the districts in Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Wheeler, and Gilliam counties. 

The Coordinating Body is responsible for overseeing the work and implementation of REN priorities/initiatives in a way that maintains a regional perspective. This committee keeps a watchful eye on the impact of the change ideas, monitors success of implementation, adjusts priorities as needed, and course-corrects when necessary. 


Our leadership team prioritizes educator voice and need. To ensure we center educators in our work, school-based licensed staff make the majority of our leadership structure.

Non-administrative members receive a stipend to compensate them for their time serving on our leadership team. 



Leadership team members serve as a connector to the educators in their buildings and districts.


Using the information we gather from educators and the data available, this team is the primary body of decision makers.


Attend team meetings,  and gather information for us by sharing and talking with educators. Bring your creativity, innovation, and perspective.


Be change agents.

Bring educators' voices to the forefront.

*Non-administrative members receive a stipend for their time and commitment.

Coordinating Body Members


CREN Director

Gabrielle DeLeone


hrcsd logo 2.png

Hood River  Representatives

Gus Hedberg

Kaitlin Brown

Kelsey Contreras

nwasco county sd logo.jpg

North Wasco  Representatives

Janell Geary

Sarah Durham

Sandy Harris

Luke Vieira

Emmanuel Quevedo

south wasco.png

South Wasco  Representatives

Megan Henson

Josh Kurtz


Dufur  Representatives

Judy Ford

Sherman County Logo.png

Sherman County  Representatives

Ashley Macnab

Condon Logo.png

Condon  Representatives

Camden Jones


Arlington Representatives

Judy Johnson-Bari

Academics: Services
fossil logo.jpg


Mollie Carter

Jon McMurray

Spray Logo.png

Spray  Representatives

Lindsay Ingram

MItchell Logo.gif

Mitchell Representatives

Alex Temple

Columbia Gorge STEM Hub_logo (1).png
Final 1 Blue Grey Primary (1).png

Additional Partners

Deocelen Munoz - CGESD

Keelie Caudill - NCESD

Lynn Cowdrey - NCESD

K'Lynn Lane - Ford Family Foundation

View the Coordinating Body Handbook in the resource folder

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