Columbia REN Coordinating Body

The CREN coordinating body is an advisory committee of regional stakeholders to identify regional priorities, allocate funding and other resources to network districts, and coordinate the partnerships between community organizations and the districts in Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Wheeler, and Gilliam counties. 

The Coordinating Body is responsible for overseeing the work and implementation of REN priorities/initiatives in a way that maintains a regional perspective. This committee keeps a watchful eye on the impact of the change ideas, monitors success of implementation, adjusts priorities as needed, and course-corrects when necessary.  


CREN Director

Gabrielle DeLeone


Hood River Reps

Adrienne Acosta

Patricia Ortega-Cooper

Matt Rutledge

North Wasco Reps

Josephine Colburn

Cassie Stahly

Melissa Hollister-Bickle

Brian Schimel

South Wasco Reps

Position Available

Dufur Reps

Vicki Flores

Condon Reps

Kayla Reffett

Sherman County

Jessianne Miller

Additional Partners

Penny Grotting - NCESD

Christy Christopher - Stem Hub

Lucille Begay - CGESD

Scott Minthorn - CTUIR

Carisa Huva-Bellamy - NCESD

Jose Aparicio - NWasco

Nell O'Malley - OSU


Fall Coordinating Body Recruitment

CREN is seeking reps in the following areas:
  • Educator Reps in the CGESD region
If you or someone you know is interested in representing your distirct and would be a good fit for the CREN team. Please complete the nomination form.

Columbia REN Director: Gabrielle DeLeone

Main Office: 541.298.6019

400 East Scenic Drive #207

The Dalles, Oregon  97058