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Columbia REN

Background, Purpose and  Process


History and Origins:

Statewide Regional Educator Networks

In 2017, Senate Bill 182 was passed for the purpose of finding new approaches to professional learning and development. The Educator Advancement Council (EAC) would facilitate this work by elevating teacher voice and equity by moving towards regional-specific supports. In turn, Regional Educator Networks (RENs) were created and one of these RENs is the Columbia Regional Educator Network, serving Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Wheeler, and Gilliam counties.


Columbia REN: Purpose

The purpose of the RENs is to center on student and educator strengths to redesign and/or transform systems and operationalize Oregon’s Equity Lens. 


The RENs are tasked with: 

  • growing, diversifying, and honoring the educator workforce 

  • providing relevant, meaningful support for new teachers

  • keeping teachers engaged in effective, impactful, and lasting learning 


These system redesigns and transformations will lead to students' experiences being rooted in belonging, culturally sustaining, and engaging each student.

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Columbia REN: Process

The CREN coordinating body, an advisory team of local educators, communities, students, and families, will work together to apply a continuous process of improvement to:  

  • Identify and understand the root causes of problems of practice.

  • Redesign and transform systems that impact equity, support novice educators, and encourage career long professional learning.

  • Connect resources and district initiatives at a regional level creating a network.

  • Leverage resources within the region and state.

  • Elevate equity and center educator voice in decision making.

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