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More Than a Rainbow 101

May 8 3 Hour Support LGBTQ2SIA+ Youth.png

More Than A Rainbow - 101 

Sponsored by Columbia Regional Educator Network at the Columbia Gorge ESD

When: May 8th, 4:30 - 7:30 pm 

Location: Hood River Valley High School Library

This interactive, research-based training provides information and tools to support LGBTQ2SIA+ youth with appropriate and informed services.

Participants will:

-Describe various terminology related to LGBTQ2SIA+ community. 

-Recognize LGBTQ2SIA+ bias and know how to respond in the moment or when safe.

-Feel empowered to move from savior to ally to accomplice for LGBTQ2SIA+ youth.

-Understand how to better include LGBTQ2SIA+ youth and families.

-Understand social and personal identities.


Best Practices and Action Steps to support LGBTQ2SIA+ Youth:

-Understand best practices for LGBTQ2SIA+ youth and families.

-Create brave, safe, and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ2SIA+ youth and families.

-Learn to establish language to support LGBTQ2SIA+ youth within the classroom, school, and community.

Participants will receive a $150 stipend for attending.

Please reach out to Desirae Bellairs ( or Gabrielle DeLeone ( of the Columbia Regional Educator Network with any questions!

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